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The 7 Step Building Process

1. Site Preparation & Foundation

Approximately 6 months prior to completion

Lot clearing - Installation of footings and foundation. Ideal time to customize.

2. Framing, Footing & Wall Construction

Approximately 5 months prior to completion

Placement of windows, fireplaces, archways and customized ceilings.

3. Roofing, Waterproofing & Windows

Approximately 4 months prior to completion

Roofing installed - Waterproofing applied - Windows and doors are installed

4. Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Finalized

Approximately 3 months prior to completion

Plumbing & HVAC installed & customized lighting and electrical installed.

5. Exterior Features

Approximately 2 months prior to completion

Completion of exterior facade, desk, patios, driveways & sidewalks.

6. Interior Features

Approximately 1 month prior to completion

Flooring, cabinets & countertops installed.

7. Final Touches & Move-in

Last weeks before completion

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