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                                                              Unsurpassed quality, thoughtful design , and a commitment to excellence.                                                                   These are the hallmarks of Henson Construction,one of the most respected                                                                  home builders in the Hickory metro area for over 40 years.

                                                               Now in its second generation, Henson Construction is now led by Mark                                                                        Henson, whose father George founded the company in 1977. Mark literally                                                                  grew up in the building business and later, the two worked side by side for                                                                  12 years, building hundreds of quality home in the Hickory area, until                                                                          George retired.  Mark now continues the tradition by pursuing this same                                                                      dedication to old-fashioned workmanship and family values. 

Mark brings a unique perspective to the company, utilizing his degree in Commercial design from Appalachian Statue University, and his 8 years of management experience working with Lowes Home Improvement.  His wife Suzanne is a Realtor and manages a companion business, Henson Real Estate, to round out the services provided.  Her former background was in furniture and merchandising. They have two children, Claire and Ryan, and enjoy coaching, volunteering and traveling with their kids. Working together and playing together is our family's tradition. 


Henson Construction is known for functional and flexible living spaces, customized selections, unique architectural detailing, and timeless appeal. Service is the key to our success-Honest and prompt communication throughout the building process, accurate cost estimates, and a genuine respect for the customer's wishes. The ultimate goal is for our customers to remain our friends long after moving day.  We hope yo will consider us when the time comes for you to build your next home.

We look forward to working with you .

Mark Henson

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